My promise to you – If I can’t fix it, its Free – Guaranteed!


Ezi-Slide provides quality sliding door and window repair services to the Gold Coast, Tweed Heads, and Kingscliff areas. If you are having trouble opening your doors or windows, call us today for fast and friendly service. Remember my promise to you is; “If I can’t fix it, it’s free, guaranteed.” Don’t delay, give us a call today and get it fixed fast.

Our Services

We service, repair and replace – Closet doors

Whether they are bi-fold, sliding, mirror doors, hinged or something else, we have the tools and expertise to get them working again.

Before you call us in, you may want to check the following;

  1. Are the tracks clean and free of debris? Use a vacuum followed by a damp rag to clean the entire track.
  2. Check the indent on the bottom of the rollers is sitting over the raised guide on the track. If it is unaligned it will not slide correctly and may be rubbing on the other door. To re-align simply lift the door one side at a time and place the roller over the raised guide.

Whether they are bi-fold, sliding, mirror doors, hinged or something else, we have the tools and expertise to get them working again.

We service, repair and replace – Doors closer’s

Ezi slide can handle almost any residential or commercial door problem. We offer installation and repairs services for door closers & pool gate closers, automatic sliding & swing doors and, hydraulic closers for doors & gates.

We service, repair and replace – Hardware

Our trained technicians carry a wide range of popular door and window rollers, locks, handles & tracks along with other hardware products and spare parts so your service problem can be attended to quickly and efficiently, without having to reschedule a follow-up appointment, saving you time and money.

We service, repair and replace – Pet doors

Pet doors, sometimes referred to as Cat flaps or Dog doors can be installed into Glass windows, Glass Doors, Wooden Doors or through Security Grill including safety mesh. We offer a wide range of quality door styles, sizes, and colours to suit all pet types and can have the job done quickly. We can also repair broken pet doors.

We service, repair and replace – Potio doors

Patio doors are usually one of the following; sliding doors, French doors or bi-fold doors; all of which require extra attention compared to internal doors due to their exposure to the elements. Patio doors come in a range of materials, from solid doors, glass doors with wood frames or glass doors with aluminum to glass and PVC. Depending on the door type there can be several reasons for faults but the most common is weathering. Like internal doors clean and lubricate the track and make sure the door gaps are level and there is enough clearance. If the problems persist, we have a large range of rollers and parts to get them opening and closing with ease.

We service, repair and replace – Pocket doors

Pocket doors are notorious for getting stuck or coming off their tracks. We carry all the tools and hardware to have them sliding effortlessly once again.

We service, repair and replace – Security doors

Although stronger than a standard screen door, security doors suffer from their contact with the elements too. Ezi-Slide repair damaged security mesh, replace fly screen, replace hardware and handles as well as seized rollers.

We service, repair and replace -Screen doors

Similar to patio doors, screen doors receive a lot of exposure to the elements and being a lighter weight seem to get beat up a little quicker than the internal doors. We can repair bent frames, broken handles and locks as well as damaged rollers. We also replace fly screen mesh.

We service, repair and replace – Shower & tub doors & screen

Ezi-Slide even offer repair or replacement services for your broken glass shower screen. We can replace broken panels, or update your existing shower screen to a more modern look.

We service, repair and replace – Shop front

No door is too big for us to handle. Have a glass shop front door in need of repair? We have the parts and expertise to get them rolling like new again in no time flat.

We service, repair and replace – Sliding doors

Exposure to the elements, dirt and hard use can turn sliding doors into sticking doors. The most common causes of hard to open or close doors are when the wheels are out of adjustment or the track gets dirty. Before calling us in, try to clear the track of debris by vacuuming the track, then cleaning it with a solvent-dampened rag. Once cleaned, locate the two adjusting screws at the bottom of the door. Use a screwdriver to gradually adjust the height of the door until the gap under the door is even and not contacting the track. If the door still doesn’t glide smoothly the rollers or track may be worn, cracked or bent. That is where we come in, we can quickly repair or replace them and have them working like new again. We can also repair or replace door screens, locks and latches.

We service, repair and replace – Windows

Having trouble with your window’s latch not catching, your window slides awkwardly or not at all? Most sliding windows have rollers that slide along metal tracks at the bottom and top of the frame. Over time these track wear and fill with dust and other debris.

We recommend cleaning and lubricating the track. This can be done by vacuuming the track, then cleaning it with a solvent-dampened rag. If cleaning doesn’t get it moving smoothly again, then it may have worn or damaged track or rollers. We can diagnose and repair the issue and quickly have it working like new. We can also replace latches, handles and fly screens.

DIY maintenance and repair tips

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